Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy – Too busy with work, it often makes us forget about our health. No exception to our eye health. Working, which is often related to a computer screen, can make the eyes tired easily, so that the vision decreases slowly. It’s no wonder that in the end many people use glasses, because their eyes are no longer as sharp as they used to be. This means that the eye begins to show damage.

For those of you who often work facing computer screens and still love your eyes, let’s be wise from now on. #Good is easy if we want to change and act. For that, you can do these four things to keep your eyes healthy.

1. Always prepare water beside your desk

Constantly working at the computer will make your eyes sting and water. Preparing water beside the work table can be a good alternative so that your health is maintained.

Not only does it keep your kidneys healthy, water can also keep your eyes healthy. Consuming plain water can help in brightening the eyes, reducing panda eyes and sharpening the vision.

2. Do light stretches

Make light movements when you start to get tired while staring at the computer screen. You can get up for a moment from your seat and look away by looking at the environment around you. It would be better if you can stare at green plants, for example plants around your office so that your eyes are fresher.

You can also lean your back for a moment or do some light stretches while closing your eyes for a while so that your eyes can rest for a moment. The point is you shouldn’t just be fixated on the computer screen, because that will speed up the damage to your eyes.

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3. If the eyes are too tired, rest.

Let your tired eyes rest for a moment. No need to sleep, just close your eyes so that the nerves around your eyes relax. If you still feel tired, try washing your face.

Another way you can try is to prepare water on top of a container. Then fill the water into the container. Immerse your face in the water so that your eyes can touch the water. Then blink. Do it two to three times or according to your needs.

4. Balance by eating vegetables and fruits

After “draining” your eyes to work hard, don’t forget to balance it with eating fruits and vegetables. Not only does your body need food, but your eyes also need food to nourish it.

You can eat green vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin A. Spinach, carrots and tomatoes are several types of vegetables and fruits that you can consume to keep your eyes healthy.

How? #Good, that’s easy, right? You just need the desire to start. So, it’s time for you to act so that your life remains healthy.


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