Some Viruses That Are On The Computer

Some Viruses That Are On The Computer

Some Viruses That Are On The Computer – Most of us have experienced computer problems caused by viruses. Important files are lost, computer performance slows down, even resulting in hacking of our accounts in cyberspace.

Fortunately, even though viruses are getting more sophisticated, the technology that is made to prevent them doesn’t want to be outdone. That is why massive virus attacks have rarely occurred recently, unlike before.

Around the 2000s, there were many virus attacks in the world that caused a lot of losses. They are even dubbed the most dangerous viruses in history. Want to know what the story is like? Check out the following!

1. SQL Slammer / Sapphire

In January 2003, there was a new virus that spread throughout the United States internet network. Nobody is ready to deal with it so this virus manages to do all kinds of damage.

This resulted in the shutdown of ATM servers, a number of airlines having to postpone departure schedules due to faulty online ticketing, jammed 911 phones, and blocking 27 million people from the internet.

It turned out that all the “disasters” were caused by a worm type virus called SQL Slammer or Sapphire. He can control 75 thousand internet networks in just ten minutes. Uniquely, in 2016 this virus had appeared again in various parts of the world. However, the creator of this worm is unknown until now.

2. Melissa

Next is Melissa. A unique name for a computer virus. Is not it? Quoting a report from The Infographics Show, it turns out that “Melissa” was taken from the name of an exotic dancer from Florida, United States who was popular in 1999.

This virus starts from a simple thing, namely a word file that is distributed via email. When someone opens it, the file will be sent again to 50 of that person’s email contacts. It might not sound bad, but it can make a big impact when it comes to large corporate emails.

Microsoft to shut down email services so as not to suffer greater losses. It is estimated that Melissa has caused losses of up to US $ 1.2 billion. Fortunately, the creator of this virus was immediately caught and jailed for ten years.

3. Anna Kournikova

You may be familiar with the name “Anna Kournikova”. This worm-type virus has indeed taken the name of a world famous female tennis athlete. Again, this virus spreads from email to email.

Not only that, virus creators use the athlete’s photo as a clickbait so that more people are interested in opening the email he spreads. But when you click on it, the virus will spread to all contacts in the email account.

This virus, which was popular in 2001, managed to dominate the whole world and infected millions of computers in the world. According to data from CBR Online, the damage caused by “Anna Kournikova” reached US $ 166 thousand. The virus creator turned himself in upon learning of the harm he was causing and was sentenced to 150 hours of public service.

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This one virus is spread by email with the subject “I love you”. Sounds romantic indeed, who isn’t curious when you get a message like that, right? But that’s how virus creators lure their prey.

Because it made people curious, ILOVEYOU spread very quickly to 45 million users in a day in 2000. Not only that, this one virus also ransacked your computer. It will delete photos, audios, and various other important files.

As a result, the Pentagon companies, the CIA, and the British Parliament disabled their e-mails to avoid data theft and infection with the virus. The losses incurred by ILOVEYOU were recorded at US $ 15 billion.

5. Code Red

From the name it sounds dangerous, huh. But actually the name was given because the creators were drinking Code Red Mountain Dew when they made the virus.

Code Red appeared in 2001 and targets computers with the Microsoft operating system. People affected by this virus will get the message “Welcome to hacked by Chinese”. Yet everyone doubts whether the attacks were actually carried out by the Chinese or this was simply an act of inciting racism.

Once the computer is infected, the virus will reproduce itself. In nine hours, he had attacked 250 thousand systems. The losses caused reached US $ 2 billion and almost damaged internet servers.


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