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  • Some Unique Facts About the Computer Mouse

    Some Unique Facts About the Computer Mouse

    Some Unique Facts About the Computer Mouse – Mouse or also known as ‘mouse’ is a cursor pointing device on a computer screen. This device makes it easy for us to choose a command in computer software.

    The movement is on a horizontal surface, sometimes we do it by clicking the button on the surface. At this time, the computer would not be complete without a mouse.

    The device is also embedded in a laptop, but in the form of a touch screen or touchscreen which is commonly referred to as a touchpad or mousepad. Sometimes, we still need a mouse that is in physical form when using a laptop because it is unusual to use the mousepad.

    The importance of the mouse for computer users is also inseparable from unique facts and history

    1. Mouse was created by Douglas Engelbart, a researcher from Stanford University

    The use of a mouse on a computer was first coined by Douglas Engelbart, a researcher from Stanford University, United States. He also developed the first prototype of the device in 1963. Then, he officially introduced it at a conference on computers in 1968.

    His mouse is made of wooden blocks in which there is a ball that can roll. There is a cable on the mouse to connect it to the computer. The existence of a rolling ball has been the reference for making mice for decades, as reported by Computer History.

    Unfortunately, he did not get a dime from the patent on the mouse he created. This is because the patent validity period expires before the mass production of the mouse for use on all computers around the world. To be more precise, this was before 1983.

    2. The name ‘mouse’ is used because it looks like a mouse’s body

    You must be wondering where the name of the computer mouse comes from. Well, the device is called a mouse because it looks like a mouse’s body jutting down. Plus there is a mouse connecting cable on the computer which is likened to a mouse tail.

    However, early versions of the mouse were once renamed ‘turtle’ which means ‘turtle’. This is because there is a technology company that takes advantage of the resemblance of a mouse to a turtle shell.

    3. The existence of the mouse was never approved in 1984b

    Even though it is very practical to use to operate a computer, the mouse has received disapproval, you know!

    In 1984, a columnist from the United States, John C. Dvorak, wrote in The San Francisco Examiner newspaper in which one of his quotes is as follows:

    There is no evidence that people want to use these things (computer mouse).

    Of course this statement is very untrue today. This is evidenced by modern computer equipment, including laptops, which are accompanied by a mouse when it is produced at this time. We ourselves also feel awkward when we see a computer that is not accompanied by a mouse.

    4. Mouse Rage Syndrome is a syndrome of throwing the mouse when angry

    You will be amazed when you hear that there is a psychological syndrome caused by the mouse. The syndrome is called Mouse Rage Syndrome which causes a person to throw the mouse when he is emotional.

    Reported by Network Computing, the symptoms of the syndrome start from the heart beating rapidly and sweating a large amount that triggers a person to throw the mouse. The cause is often caused by a slow internet connection, annoying online advertisements, and other causes.

    So, don’t let you experience this syndrome. When there is a problem caused by your computer and internet, stay calm and think clearly to solve the problem.

    5. There are two written plural forms for ‘mouse’ in English

    The word ‘computer mouse’ has been included in the world’s newest English dictionary, The Oxford English Dictionary. However, we often get confused about the plural (plural) form of the word. Fortunately, the dictionary includes two plural forms of ‘computer mouse’, namely ‘computer mice’ and ‘computer mouses’.

    Both are equally true, so you can use one of them. However, some sources suggest that you write the plural form of the mouse on your English scientific essay with the word ‘computer devices’.


    How, are you unique and very interesting facts about the mouse in the list above? Hopefully your knowledge about technology will increase, huh!