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  • Best Monitors from LG

    Best Monitors from LG

    Best Monitors from LG – Currently, more and more people are using monitors to be able to work and do all their work. One of the most famous brands for a long time is the LG brand. The type of need for monitors varies. Some use monitors for office work, schoolwork, gaming, and others. Therefore, the specifications and types of monitors needed are also different. You need to know the type of your needs so that you can determine the right monitor specifications.

    LG 19” LED Monitor

    If you are looking for a monitor at an economical price, this product is likely to be for you. This monitor has a size that is not too big.

    Even so, you can still do various daily tasks, such as creating tasks, working, and more. There is also a Flicker Safe and Reader Mode feature that protects the eyes when looking at the monitor for a long time.

    LG UltraGear 24GL600F

    For a novice gamer, you need a monitor with high specifications and an affordable price. This product might be right for you.

    Besides having an economical price, this monitor is equipped with various advanced features for gaming. Some of these features, for example, are fast RTS and high FPS. That way, you can see the movements on the battlefield quickly.

    LG Monitor Full HD (1920 x 1080) 27 inch IPS

    If you have doubts about the durability of the monitor, this product is likely to be for you. This monitor is made of thick and sturdy plastic. The quality of the body frame on this monitor is strong for long time use. The stand is also strong and stable so you don’t have to worry about the monitor falling off while on the table.

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    LG 27 (68.58cm) Class UltraGear™ Full HD IPS Gaming Monitor

    Are you looking for a monitor with a high refresh rate? If so, this monitor could be the right choice for you. The LG 27GN750-B has a refresh rate of 240 Hz, resulting in extremely smooth motion in games. Thus, you can play games with extreme speed of motion. With this monitor, fast-moving objects are displayed more clearly.

    LG 27 (68.58cm) Class UltraGear™ QHD Nano IPS 1ms Gaming Monitor

    If you like watching movie series or videos, you need a monitor with a clear screen. Therefore, this monitor is worth your consideration. This LG monitor is supported by HDR 10 which allows you to see more immersive visuals. Then, the color accuracy displayed is also high thanks to the IPS Nano panel.…

  • Recommended Cheapest Gaming Monitor

    Recommended Cheapest Gaming Monitor

    Recommended Cheapest Gaming Monitor – In the world of gaming, there are certainly many people who need high-quality gaming equipment on a computer. But if we have the best facilities, the price is definitely expensive. Well, for those of you who are gamers, it is mandatory to have a gaming monitor, gang. Although it is known to be expensive, there are still cheap 144Hz monitors that you can buy.

    Therefore, this time ApkVenue will share recommendations for the best cheap gaming computer monitors for those of you who like to play games. Let’s see what the recommendations are!

    1. Asus VP228H

    The first cheap gaming monitor recommended by Jaka is the Asus VP228H, this computer monitor has a 21.5-inch wide screen with FHD quality with 1920×1080 resolution.

    The thing that makes the Asus VP228H interesting is the price, which is only 1.6 million Rupiah, gang. Making this cheap gaming monitor the most affordable among others.

    Those of you who are just starting to assemble a gaming PC, are suitable for choosing this monitor. This 1080p resolution also makes it still suitable for playing PS4 games.

    2. Samsung C22F390FHE

    For Samsung fans, there is a Samsung C22F390FHE computer monitor that you can choose from. This monitor has a concave screen, and the screen width is 22 inches with a resolution of 1920×1080.

    Guess how much this monitor costs guys? Only 2 million, lol! This type of monitor is still very suitable for playing offline games on PC and consoles.

    You won’t find a concave monitor cheaper than the Samsung C22F390FHE, gang. Use this gaming monitor to enhance your gaming style at home!

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    3. ViewSonic VX2257Mhd

    ViewSonic VX2257Mhd is the next cheap gaming monitor recommendation from Jaka which has the best quality at an affordable price.

    You will get a 21.5-inch screen for only 2 million Rupiah. Not only that, this TN technology panel screen is also suitable for gamers because it can reduce the light that shines on the monitor.

    The response time from this monitor is only 1ms, gang. It is very good for use in competitive events though.

    4. LG 24GM79G

    Are you looking for a cheap gaming monitor with a high refresh rate? This LG 24GM79G could be your best choice, guys!

    Usually gamers who have high standards and want the games they play to run quickly and smoothly, so that they are comfortable on the eyes.

    This 24-inch computer monitor has a 144Hz Refresh Rate, perfect for those of you who are gaming perfectionists!

    When it comes to price, this cheapest 144Hz monitor is priced at only 3.5 million Rupiah. Making it the cheapest computer monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate today!…

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    5 Major LED Monitor Problems and How to Solve Them

    5 Major LED Monitor Problems and How to Solve Them – How to solve LED Monitor Problem
    Buying electronics is easy, but maintaining them is more difficult. Various kinds of problems often appear on the LED monitor. But you don’t need to worry because some of the problems that arise with LED monitors can usually be handled by yourself. So, what are the most common LED monitor problems and how to solve them?Come on, see the following description.

    1. Monitor LED flashes frequently
    One of the problems that usually appears on LED monitors is that the screen suddenly flickers frequently. If this happens, you don’t have to worry. The computer has the maximum ability the monitor displays frames in one second which is called the refresh rate. If the screen suddenly flickers a lot, there could be a problem with the refresh rate setting causing the frame rate to be too low.

    How to handle it is quite easy. First, click display properties, then click settings. Second, click advanced, select the monitor tab. Third, a refresh rate option will appear. Try a suitable refresh rate until your monitor stops flashing. However, if this treatment has been tried and your LED monitor is still flashing, you should immediately take it to a service provider, yes.

    2. Blur LED monitor display
    Another problem that often arises is that the LED monitor display is blurry. Although this is not a serious problem, of course the blurry LED monitor display will interfere with your comfort. This usually happens on LED monitors that have a lifespan of more than three years. Prolonged use of the LED monitor may cause problems in the amplifier circuit. The way to fix this is by opening the LED monitor casing and then tightening the video amplifier board with the raster board.

    3. Monitor LED can’t turn on
    The next and easiest problem to detect is when the Monitor LED cannot turn on. If you have pressed the power button but the LED monitor still won’t turn on, there are several solutions you can try. The most important thing is that you have to make sure the power button is in the on position.

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    First, the solution if the monitor indicator light is on. You can make sure the video cable that connects the monitor to the CPU is properly installed. If after that the monitor LED doesn’t light up, the problem may be with the video signal on the CRT adapter board. Take it to the experts for further treatment.

    Second, the solution if the indicator light does not turn on. You can make sure the power cable to the electrical outlet and the power cable to the monitor are properly connected. If after that the LED monitor has not turned on, replace it with another power cable.

    4. Display size does not match
    The fourth problem is that the display size on the LED monitor does not match. What is meant is the font size, icons, menus, or all the displays that appear on the LED monitor. A size that is too small or too large will certainly make you feel uncomfortable when using the monitor. The cause usually lies in the resolution of the LED monitor.

    You can deal with this problem in the following way. First, right-click on the desktop. Second click properties. Third, click settings. Then you can change the resolution of the LED monitor as needed, if the display image is too small, then you only need to increase the resolution of your LED monitor.

    5. LED monitor color changing
    The last problem that often arises with LED monitors is discoloration. This may occur because existing electronic devices generate a magnetic field so that the color changes. Sometimes a blue patch can appear on the LED monitor. The way to deal with this kind of problem is to try to bring the magnet closer to the corner of the LED monitor. You can also try using the degaussing feature on the monitor control menu.

    Those are 5 problems that often appear on LED monitors. How to handle it is quite easy and you can try to apply. However, if your damaged LED monitor does not return to normal, immediately go to the experts for more serious treatment. Often monitor problems are caused by faulty hardware, so they need special handling. Hopefully this article adds to your insight, yes!…

  • Gaming Monitor Recommendations with 4K Resolution

    Gaming Monitor Recommendations with 4K Resolution

    Gaming Monitor Recommendations with 4K Resolution – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here are articles that discuss gaming monitors with 4k resolution.

    Gaming activities are not always separated from things related to graphics problems, and of course this is related to the use of a monitor. 4K itself is a resolution known as 720p which generally has an aspect ratio of 4096 X 2160, so it is ideal if used for a gaming monitor recommendation.

    And for that, on this occasion the IDN Times will summarize about 5 recommendations for gaming monitors with 4K resolution. So what are the recommendations for the gaming monitor? Let’s look at the reviews below.

    1. LG 27UD68

    This monitor, which carries a bezel-less design, features a Gaming Mode and Black Stabilizer. This monitor is also equipped with FreeSync and almost 99 percent sRGB which is very suitable when used for gaming activities.

    For the price itself, this gaming monitor is priced at around Rp. 5,850,000.

    2. LG 27UD88

    This multifunctional gaming monitor is equipped with a USB Type-C port or what is commonly called USB 3.1. So that it will make it easier for users to play movies or stream using storage media such as flash drives or smartphones.

    In addition, this monitor is also equipped with FreeSync and Black Stabilizer features and has a high enough graphic resolution. For the price, this monitor is priced at around IDR 19.47 million. Expensive huh?

    3. ASUS PA329Q

    This monitor, which is supported by various advanced features, is intended for god-level gaming use. This monitor reportedly offers a fairly solid performance with a frame rate of 60 Hz, sRGB color accuracy of 99 percent and this monitor also supports a color customization that can be configured directly by its users.

    For the price, this monitor is priced at around Rp. 27.43 million.

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    4. ASUS ROG PG27AQ

    This monitor, which is able to fold a flip so that it becomes a portrait, is a unique value in itself. This monitor carries an aspect ratio of 16: 9 with color support of up to 1.07 million. This monitor is capable of producing the best resolution.

    For the price, Asus sells this monitor at a price range of Rp. 24.99 million.

    5. Acer S277HK

    This monitor, which is aimed at gamers, has a fairly elegant design and is perfect for those of us who want the best gaming monitor at an affordable price. Where this monitor has an aspect ratio of 16: 9 with color support of up to 1.07 million which is ideal for god-class gaming use.

    For the price, Acer priced this monitor in the range of only Rp. 5.7 million.…