Beware of Common Windows Computer Problems

Beware of Common Windows Computer Problems

Beware of Common Windows Computer Problems – Experiencing problems related to windows on computers and laptops is the most common problem and you should avoid.

Computers have become a part of our lives. It is undeniable that problems with electronic devices will interfere with your activities. The following are the most common problems that often occur on your computer.

1. The computer does not turn on

The earliest diagnosis of this problem is that your computer’s power supply is problematic. Try to check the contact cable whether it is installed correctly or not. If not, it could be the component that is turning on your computer that has a problem.

2. Dark screen

The first problem is the connection between the screen and the computer is not correct. Try to check whether the cable is connected properly. More than this, then the screen is the problem. If the problem is with the laptop, it’s a good idea to take it to a repair service to have a look at the cables inside.

3. Operating system that does not work normally

Try restarting your computer and try running the virus detector. Having a reliable and quality anti-virus reduces the risk of this problem occurring due to a virus attack.

4. Windows won’t run

The only thing that can be recommended to solve this problem is to reinstall your Windows.

5. Screen freezes

A frozen screen can be a sign of insufficient RAM power, corrupt data on your computer, until you are exposed to spyware. Restart your computer manually, namely holding the on button, then try running virus detection.

6. Computer slows down

Try cleaning your hard disk from the data you don’t want. Installing a fire wall, anti-virus, and scheduling regular registry detection also keeps you from this problem.

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7. Weird sound

The cooling system that is indeed crowded is often the main cause. But more than that, malfunctions in your computer hardware can also be the main cause. It’s a good idea to immediately back up your data if a situation like this occurs.

8. Internet is slow

Obviously this is your internet service which is not fast. However, clearing cookies and internet data can help speed up internet connections.

9. Computer overheating

Your computer’s cooling system isn’t strong enough to handle your computer’s heat. Adding an external cooler or changing the cooling system to a more sophisticated one will help solve this problem. You can also check whether your computer cooler is clean or not.

10. Internet connection suddenly dropped

Apart from the network being disconnected from the central server or a really bad network, connection problems like this can also occur due to viruses or drivers.

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